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Themed flavors for the bartenders who give a damn, Lounge gives that subtle flavor to your carefully crafted creations. Each mixer has been designed in collaboration with our resident bartenders to help you create that perfect cocktail. The mixers have been marketed as a must have addition to your beverage that do not overpower you with the strong flavor, but complement it beautifully. Apart from the exemplary taste, Lounge products are created with the finest ingredients and authentic flavors with extreme commitment to quality, as is the case with all Mapro products.

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Fresh liquor

Sparkling fluid of a myriad colours, each brighter and alive, Lounge presents to you a selection of elegant mixes which are perfect for your quiet evening discussions as well as your suave dinner parties. Each flavour permeating your senses with elegance and taste, Lounge provokes an aura of panache, of unmistakable style and character.


ripe fruit

Cucumber, Watermelon, Strawberry, Citrus, Green Apple, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Mint, Grenadine, Peach, Triple Sec and Hazelnut. Twelve distinct personalities, twelve surreal colours, add the nuance of taste, elegance and sophistication to your parties.


secret skills

Sauvé cocktails, punchy sodas and delicious thick shakes and coffees are all now a mix away with Lounge. Mix one or two, add garnishes of lime, mint or flavoured ices and you are on your way to an evening in style.

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